Plastic in your seafood

So, just in case you haven't heard, the ocean is filled with plastic.  According to a publication of the World Economic Forum in January 2016, at least 8 million tons of plastics are leaked into the oceans.  Most of this leakage is a result of … [Read More...]

Shopping for Dog Lovers

Written by guest blogger Jessica Brody, Got someone on your gift list who is in love with her dog? You’re in luck. Dog lovers are relatively easy to shop for because they always need new gear for their dogs. Here are some of the … [Read More...]

How Service Dogs Assist People with Mental Health Disorders

Written by guest blogger Jessica Brody,   People who suffer from mental disorders are increasingly finding comfort and relief in being paired with psychiatric service dogs. Already, the service is ranked the fourth common … [Read More...]

The Ultimate Guide to Home Insurance for Dog Owners

Updated on Tuesday, September 19 2017 By Bryan Ochalla Shopping for home insurance can be a challenge if you have a dog--especially if its breed is seen as dangerous. This guide will help you get a policy (and affordable rate) … [Read More...]

Post-adoption Decompression

Too often the news headlines involve children getting mauled by newly adopted/purchased/acquired dogs.  Just today, Detroit news outlet WDIV-TV showed video of a Gordon Setter being led out of a home after it had "attacked" a 14 month old boy 10 days … [Read More...]

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