Westwood United Methodist Church Pet Lovers Group

Today I had the opportunity to meet Linda VanOrder who was at our office dropping off donations for our Pet Food Bank.  In talking with her, I found out the donations were being given on behalf of a group she founded based at the Westwood United Methodist Church.  The group calls themselves the Pet Lovers Group, and while they started out as members of the church, the group is open to anyone.

The Westwood United Methodist Church Pet Lovers Group meets on the last Sunday of each month in the church library.  From a flyer she left with me:

Our small but mighty group of friends discusses the similarities of unconditional love between us and our pets, and the love of our Heavenly Father with us.

Please be aware of our new donation bin for “Pet Loaves and Fishes”.  We will distribute donations to the Humane Society for pet owners who struggle to keep and feed their pets.

In warmer weather we will have fun get togethers with our pets, like the Humane Society Dog Walk etc.

We will be involved with other fund raising and volunteer opportunities as well.

All are welcome with open paws to come for one meeting or more!

Thank you, Linda and all the members of the Westwood United Methodist Church Pet Lovers Group!  We appreciate your support and think your group is a great way to celebrate the pets in your life and help others who are struggling to provide for their own pets.

This group is newly formed, and does not yet have its own Facebook page, but there are plans to expand soon.

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