Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week is April 12-18

On the first day of National Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week:
Thank you for rushing in when everyone else is running away;
Thank you for taking the bite you knew was coming without regrets;
Thank you for treating the animals with respect, care, and compassion;
Thank you for waking up at 2am to help without question when you’re called;
Thank you for filing the charges and going to court on behalf of the voiceless victims;
Thank you for going to work each day knowing you can’t save them all, but giving it everything you have anyway.

Please take a moment to visit the Kalamazoo County Animal Services & Enforcement Facebook page and offer some words of encouragement and support in a job that is often dirty, smelly and sad.  Let them know the work they do matters!  If you have a great experience with an officer, this would be a good time to officially thank them.

From the National Animal Care & Control Association (NACA):

The National Animal Care & Control Association is proud to endorse our annual effort to celebrate and promote professionalism within the Animal Control field on the national stage. As with other events designed to promote specific groups, professions, and other important causes, NACA is pleased to provide all the necessary encouragement for all localities who would like to show their appreciation to their Animal Control personnel. We encourage all Animal Control agencies to have a special week of their own to show off their pride and receive recognition for the important services they provide to their communities.

This week of appreciation is designed to give recognition to the hard-working men and women of Animal Control who risk their lives and devote huge amounts of personal time and resources, while they serve the public like other public safety and law enforcement agencies empowered with the same duties.

This is the week that these hard working and dedicated Animal Control Officers can be honored by having the whole community say, “Thank You”, for helping when no one else could, or would even know how to.

All images courtesy of Kalamazoo County Animal Services & Enforcement:

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