National Volunteer Week is April 12th – 18th

Volunteers are love in motion!  ~Author Unknown

KHS Adoption Counselor

KHS Adoption Counselor

National Volunteer Week is April 12th – 18th.  During this time millions of volunteers are thanked and supported by various group, agencies and corporations.  The Kalamazoo Humane Society joins this “Thank you” to the generous people that share their time and talents in support of our programs and projects.

Our goal is to let you know throughout the year how much you and your efforts are appreciated.  Each of you bring your special individual talents and gifts, all of these join together to make a major difference.  The impact of your efforts is confirmed by the reduction of homeless animals in our area, reduced number of dogs and cats in the county shelter, along with the shorter stays for the animals that do lodged there, and a healthier community for our furry friends.

Again, thank you for sharing your talents in support of the Kalamazoo Humane Society.

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