Humane Lobby Day 2015

Humane Lobby Day 2015It’s Humane Lobby Day in Michigan, and KHS Executive Director Aaron Winters, along with KHS Board President Gretchen Smith and KHS Board Member Bette Zawacki are in Lansing, ready to talk about legislation that impacts animals.

Sponsored by The HSUS in state capitals across the country, Humane Lobby Days give citizen animal advocates like you an opportunity to ask your state legislators to pass laws that protect animals.

KHS is a proud co-sponsor of this event, and we’d like to let everyone know how to help!  Michigan has some of the best animal protection laws in the country, but there is always room for improvement.  While we know that not everyone can take a weekday off work to attend a Lobby Day, you can still reach out to your law makers and express your thoughts and concerns regarding animal welfare laws.

The Michigan Legislature Website has a listing of all the MI Legislators.

Search Tool:  Find your Representative
Search Tool:  Find your Senator

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  1. Barbara Zawacki says:

    why can’t I forward this article?


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