1 Week Fundraising Challenge Starts Today!

I know the Dog Walk has come and gone but the fundraising campaign still has 1 week of life!  Make the most of this week and challenge yourself to ask just 5 friends, family or co-workers for just $10.00 each.  That’s an easy $50.00 to help animals right here in your own community, and who wouldn’t shell out $10-smackaroos for that?

To prove that it can be done, I posted it on my personal facebook page and collected $140 in less than 24 hours from friends I haven’t seen since high school a long… long… time ago!

img_impactDon’t forget why we need your help.  Asking for a donation doesn’t have to be a painful process involving you begging everyone you know for money; its as easy as striking up a conversation about why you care about the animals in the Greater Kalamazoo Area, and how your friend/relative/coworker can support you and the Kalamazoo Humane Society by making a small $5 or $10 donation.  Those small donations add up.  If you knew your donation would be used to improve, or even save, the life of an animal right here in your own local area, could you take the next step and ask for help from people you know?

Maybe you just want to make a donation?  Great!  Here’s the link to my personal fundraising page where you can help me reach my goal of $500 🙂  I know, I’m shameless.  LOL!  http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/JulieBarber/dogwalk2015

Donations can be collected offline and turned into our office by 5pm Friday June 5, or collect online at http://www.firstgiving.com/Kazoohumane/dogwalk2015

You have 1 week to make an impact.  Ready… set… go!

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