And the Winners Are…

2015 Dog Walk LogoWe’re excited to announce the Top Dogs (and people, too!) from the 2015 Dog Walk & K- Festival.  With your help we were able to raise $71,000 to help us continue our programs like Operation Fix-It, the Pet Food Bank, Domestic Violence Pet Sheltering and Dog Houses for outdoor dogs.  Thank you!  We certainly couldn’t have done this without all of your dedication.

Prize winners will be contacted about collecting your prizes.  Thank you everyone who participated and made this a Dog Walk to remember!

Doggie DashDoggie Dash Obstacle Course Winners:
1st Place:  Charlee Hamming with Jane; 6.71 Seconds (Middleville, MI)
2nd Place:  Bodhi Miller with Carly; 6.95 Seconds (Vicksburg, MI)
3rd Place:  A. William with Eli; 7.28 Seconds (Lansing, MI)

Top Fundraising Walkers and Packs
Top Packs
1st          Camp Fido and TTT Peace Pack               $3,590.00
2nd         Kalamazoo Pug Meet Up                            $471.00
3rd          The Simonds Pack                                       $260.00
Honorable Mentions :  Girl Scout Troup 80423 & Team Fix-It

Top Adults (14 and Older)
1st          Yvonne Stork                                                 $2,250.00
2nd         Janet Leonard                                                $1,000.00
3rd          Melissa Sholander                                        $552.50
Honorable Mentions :  Karen Arvanigian, Lynne Kruse & Kristin Goodchild

Top Youth (13 and Under)
1st           Violet Kaplan                                                   $300.00
2nd         Hannah Burcroff                                             $200.00
3rd          Gisella Marceletti                                            $170.00

Top Pledge Participants by Dollar Amount

Connie Betz
Darlene Clifford
Kim Crawford
Victoria Harris
Dawn Lovell
Laura Mowry
Mark Webber
Heather Cerridwen
Cathy Devereaux
Christine Fee
Renee Bertman
Tari Eldridge
Angela Graham
Judith Stoneburner
Linda May
Eugene Wood
Heidi Rinne
Natalie Tramel
Heather Reetz
Gisella Marcelletti
Laurie  Ulrich
Julie Barber
Hannah Burcroff
Kelli Dodson-Hunt
Aaron Winters
Jessica Foley
Kathy Smyser

Clara Jacko
Kristen Simonds
Bette Zawacki
Violet Kaplan
Debra Marr
Genipher Oswalt

Kristin Goodchild
Lynne Kruse
Melissa Sholander

Janet Leonard
Karen Arvanigian
Yvonne Stork
Kerry Mulholland

DW Thank You

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