New KHS SparkPeople Team!

We’ve had great weather the last few days and while I was taking a run in the morning, enjoying my time unplugged and out of the office (actually, I was trying to figure out how long it would take someone to find me laying on the side of the road and get me hooked up to an oxygen machine.. but that’s a totally different story), I thought that SparkPeople might be a great way for other animal lovers in the Kalamazoo area, and those who support the Kalamazoo Humane Society, to band together and support each other in becoming healthier!  Not only should we be making healthy choices for ourselves and our families, but we should be making healthy choices for our pets, too!

If you’re already on SparkPeople, just add yourself to our team.  If you aren’t familiar with SparkPeople, it’s a great way to track your fitness, food, goals and connect with people who are in it with you!  Best of all, it’s totally free!  We’re also included on the leader boards, so we can see how we stack up to the other non-profit teams on SparkPeople.  Right now it’s just little ol’ me, so don’t leave me hanging!  Join me!

Head over to our new SparkPeople team page and sign yourself up!  I’m looking forward to meeting more people in our area who share a love of animals and are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

See you there! Click here…

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