Operation Fix-It Needs Your Help!

Operation Fix-ItPet overpopulation is a real problem here in the Kalamazoo Area.  Free Puppy and Free Kitten signs can be found along roadsides, social media and other online market places.  Local shelters and rescues are inundated with the results of irresponsible breeding, and many owners who would spay and neuter their pets are unable to afford the surgeries at local vet clinics.  There are a number of factors that attribute the problem, but the Kalamazoo Humane Society took a proactive approach to reducing pet overpopulation by making surgery affordable to more people.  Operation Fix-It  altered it’s first animal in May of 2002, and since then has altered over 54,000 more local cats and dogs.

Take a moment and let that number sink in.  54,000 cats and dogs in just 13 years and we still have a waiting list to get in each month.  The need is great and the difference we’re making is tangible!  Fewer and fewer boxes of puppies and kittens are being dropped off at local shelters each year, which leads to less euthanasia and more animals being adopted.

More feral cats are vaccinated and are unable to continue adding to the stray cat problem because Operation Fix-It has made it affordable for residents to participate in trap-neuter-release programs.

Reverse Raffle

The Reverse Raffle event is a fundraiser dedicated to Operation Fix-It.  We need your help to make it successful!  With a goal of $50,000 to raise by November 20th, we’re reaching out to find sponsors, donors, and event-goers.  Here is a list of some of the easy and specific ways you can help us achieve our goal to keep Operation Fix-It going strong:

Business and Corporate Support

  • Become a Sponsor – Sponsoring is cost-effective advertising in your service area with the added benefits of positive PR and partnering with a long-standing, trusted local non-profit.  People love animals, and people love business that donate to their favorite charities.  Sponsoring is a great way to build trust and credibility in your brand.
  • Donate a Raffle Item – Raffle Item donations are an affordable way to get your brand and services in front of your target audience without breaking your marketing budget.  Your item will be promoted and advertised, and some lucky winner is going to take it home and love it, then come  back to you directly for more of what only you can offer.
  • Host a VIP Table – The event itself is a lot of fun!  With great food, and open bar, entertainment and a chance to win $3500, hosting a table and inviting your staff, coworkers or top clients to join you is a great way to show your appreciation around the holidays.  Your brand will be acknowledged for your support, and those who you invite to join you will have a great time.

Individual Support

  • Donate – If every person who likes us on facebook donated just $15 we could exceed our fundraising goal by nearly $9000!  That’s incredible!
  • Spread the Word! – Get your friends, family, employer, and coworkers excited about the Kalamazoo Humane Society!  Ask your boss if they’re interested in sponsoring the event and let them know how their support can make a difference.
  • Buy Tickets – Buy a Raffle or Dinner ticket and join us for a great night of fun, drinks, music, and games.  The Reverse Raffle event is the social event of the season for any animal lover, and promises to be an exciting evening.

For any information about the Reverse Raffle event, please contact me, Julie Barber at jbarber@kazoohumane.org or 269-743-0393.  We are so lucky to have such dedicated supporters and we’re proud to be able to continue our programs here in Kalamazoo.  Your generous giving, and your commitment to helping local animals in need is what keeps us moving forward.


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