KHS starts collection to help hoarding victims

The Kalamazoo Humane Society is happy to offer assistance to Van Buren County Animal Control.  On June 29th, 2016, 117 animals were removed from the home of a couple in Lawrence.  During the course of the investigation and recovery of these animals, caring for them will be an enormous burden on the staff and resources of Van Buren County Animal Control.

Immediate needs include:  Towels, Dawn dish soap, puppy food both canned and dry, Clorox wipes, and baby wipes.

Through our Emergency Pet Food Bank program, we’re able to donate 10 bags of puppy food, with Pet Supplies Plus matching that donation for a total of 20 bags to be delivered today.

KHS will be accepting donations of supplies at our office at 4239 S. Westnedge and deliveries will be made on Friday July 8th and Friday July 15th with any donations collected.

Feel free to deliver the donations yourself to:

Van Buren County Sheriff Dept.
205 S. Kalamazoo St
Paw Paw, MI  49079


Van Buren County Animal Control
58040 CR 681
Hartford, MI 49057

Thank you for all of your help during this time!  This is definitely an emergency situation that will require the help of our local communities while Van Buren County does what they can to house, evaluate, and care for these victims or hoarding.

It will be a long time before the outcome of these pets is determined.  Please, do not ask about the adoptability of these pets.  The staff at Van Buren County Animal Control are extremely busy, working to care for all of these pets.  Potential adopters should wait until adoption information is released to find out what is available.  Until then, please offer them your support while they work through this case.

Thank you!

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Kalamazoo Growlers disregard animal welfare for ticket sales


Cowboy Monkeys to Perform in Kalamazoo June 18th at the Kalamazoo Growlers game. Do you wonder as we do what this has to do with baseball? The inhumane use of monkeys to “entertain” or to boost ticket sales has no place in a family night of fun at the ball game.

North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance Executive Director Sarah Baeckler Davis says, “Monkeys used in this type of event are forced to perform on cue and engage in incredibly unnatural behaviors. Training can be quite brutal. It’s not good for the monkey and it’s not safe for the public.”

In this event, Capuchin monkeys are dressed in cowboy outfits and tethered to saddles on the backs of border collies who run at high speeds around a field herding four to five sheep. The dogs stop, start, turn, lie down, and stand up abruptly as they herd sheep, causing the monkeys to be violently jerked forwards and backwards and slide wildly from side to side.

During the “cowboy monkey” events, the monkey is not under the control of a human handler, but is at the mercy of a dog running wildly around a field. Spectators would be at risk if a monkey got loose from the dog or if a dog charged off the field.

KHS voiced its concerns and condemned this spectacle last year, only to have the Growlers management ignore the concerns of the community and continue to demonstrate a lack of regard for animals by hosting the event again this year.  The Growlers support local animal rescue groups but their concern for animals seems only to be a marketing tactic, as they can so casually disregard the safety of the animals involved in Monkey Rodeo events for some flash-in-the-pan media coverage.

Please share on your social media and make sure to respectfully contact those who are responsible for it with your concerns.  We do not condone threats or violent behavior toward those who are hosting or sponsoring the event.  You will be heard louder if you are calm, direct, and informed.

Event Host:
Brian Colopy
Kalamazoo Growlers
251 Mills St.
Kalamazoo, MI 49048

Event Sponsor:
Pure Green Lawn & Tree Specialists
16350 Felton Rd | Lansing, MI 48906
(866) 557.7873
(517) 703.1111



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