Big news for Operation Fix-It!

KHS Offices will be closed today (Friday, 9/30/16) from 11AM – 1PM while we get ready for some big changes and updates coming to Operation Fix-It!

Operation Fix-It has altered over 60,000 cats and dogs since it began in 2002, and that’s a big deal!  We’re working hard to combat pet overpopulation on the front lines, by preventing future litters of unplanned and unwanted kittens and puppies from flooding local shelters and rescues.

Over the years, we’ve created a streamlined system that has helped us reach that 60,000 but we know we can do even better!  That’s why, beginning Monday, October 3, 2016 Operation Fix-It will begin pre-pay registration for both cats and dogs, and we’ll also be able to offer online registration and payments.

If you need to schedule a cat or dog for surgery, you’ll need to have your surgery fee up-front to get on the schedule.  Your pre-payment will reserve your appointment day, and will hopefully reduce the number of no-shows and cancellations we receive.

A high rate of cancellations limits the number of surgeries we’re able to do, and wastes an opportunity for an animal to be altered through our program.

To make registration as easy as possible, we’re now offering online registration, which means you can register your pet and pre-pay online with a credit card, and then be contacted by our staff to get you scheduled.

To schedule online, simply go to:, then click on the the Schedule a Surgery button on our home page.

This new registration process begins on Monday, October 3rd!  For those who don’t have internet access we’ll still accept paper application and mailed in payments.  Our hope is that this will help those who would prefer to register and pre-pay at the same time via the internet.

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