Harding’s new rewards helps you and KHS

I’ve been a member of Harding’s eScrip program for years, and each time I shopped there I tried  to remember to hand over my key-chain to the cashier so my card could be scanned.  I was happy to know that I was just one of thousands of residents in southwest Michigan who was supporting the Kalamazoo Humane Society when I shopped!

Earlier this year, Harding’s changed over to a new Community Rewards program.  No more key-ring to hand over, lots more coupons and savings for me, and now I get email notices telling me how much I’ve personally helped raise for KHS!  Check out the email I had in my inbox this morning!


From my email this morning!

If you were a part of the old eScrip program, or if you’ve never joined before, this is a great time to get started with the new Community Rewards program!  It’s really easy to sign up and your account is active immediately.

Click the image below to get started.

Community Rewards click graphic



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